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Emergency Services

A jammed or broken garage door can be a great inconvenience to you whether it’s at home or at your place of work. Such an incident can stop you from using your car or other relevant equipment locked or stored in the garage. An even bigger risk of a garage door that has malfunctioned is the security risk. There can be more damage caused to your property when the door to your garage stays unlocked without supervision. Different situations result in broken garage doors. As much as there are some simple solutions you can use to repair your garage door, there are some technical problems that will require you to have a professional set of tools and skills. This is where United Garage Door comes in to offer expert garage door repair solutions. Our company is also able to respond to all emergencies around the North Olmsted all year round at any time of the day seven days a week.......Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

Needless to say, a company name with a reputation that goes beyond itself in the garage door type delivery is United Garage Door. Our pride as the delivery service for the best garage door models is well known in the North Olmsted area. Our specialization in the installation of overhead door types provides easy solutions that give protection of assets stores in the garage space. We also provide upgraded doors that provide added functionality for clients whose business involve industrial applications. The United Garage Door garage door installation and design experts are focused on providing valuable service to all our clients and this can be seen in their dedication for the work they do. The specialists are well equipped to work with the instructions and requirements of our customers so as to achieve customer satisfaction......Click to read more​

Rolling Garage Doors

To provide an alternative plan with simple implementations, United Garage Door offers a selection of rolling service garage doors. If your enterprise aims to establish placements with a maximum entry space, our rolling steel doors collection can be a perfect option for such requirements. Also available as part of the options our clients get is the creation of rolling steel doors with different colors, slat profiles, and curtain materials. With just a single solution your security solutions, as well as your aesthetics, can be solved in no time.......Click to read more​

Specialty Garage Doors

As a company, we seek to help many of our clients in the North Olmsted area to find real solutions for their access needs to their unique requirements. We strive to go beyond our standard overhead garage doors offer just to satisfy the needs of our clients. United Garage Door has a stock of specialty doors for such clients. This includes clients with practical purposes as much as those with presentation purposes. In addition to that, United Garage Door staff is highly knowledgeable and cannot be compared to any other in the industry. We have a team that is well trained on specialty door installation and repairs are able to optimize their solutions thus influencing the value of your specialty garage door to your home or business.......Click to read more​

Custom Garage Doors

A garage door represents almost half of the building’s exterior and greatly impacts the general aesthetics of a building. This is the reason why clients at United Garage Door are taking more advantage of the custom garage door design service.......Click to read more​

Garage Door Maintenance

United Garage Door’s stand by experts and their discipline towards continuous professional development has given our company more insight. We are now able to offer world class level of service not only to the North Olmsted, OH area but also beyond. Our mobile service unit will arrive at any time and at any place to your rescue. It is this experienced professional service that enables us to deliver the best door experts with every client's requests.......Click to read more​

Garage Door Installation

Our team of experts ensures faster installation of aftermarket door system upgrades. Among the upgrades included are a motorized garage doors system and an automatic detection system. We can enable an energy efficient insulation to your already existing garage door thus improving from the standard features of a garage door.......Click to read more​

Garage Door Springs

United Garage Door is home to the area's largest selection of garage door parts from the leading brands in the industry as well as a range of generic parts that offer an ideal blend of performance and value. We are your prime destination in North Olmsted for an ever-expanding supply of garage door parts, hardware, weatherproofing materials and other accessories for practically every make, model and design on the market.......Click to read more​

Garage Door Openers

The most convenient entry point in a home and also one that requires little effort is the automatic garage door. Inevitably the garage door has become the most frequently used entry in homes and even in places of work. The selection of an automatic garage door includes different door models that satisfy different clients according to style and function.......Click to read more​